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Bilberry plant is a low-growing berry shrub that is mainly found in cold climates, such as in forests in Finland, Sweden or Norway.1-wild blueberry in forest06The bilberry plant enjoys humid environment and nutritious land under tall forest trees in the wild. They require a certain temperature, humidity, and environment to be able to grow.

Bilberry, also known as wild blueberry, is distinct from North American cultivated blueberry in many ways. Compared to the cultivated species, bilberries are smaller in size and has a stronger acidic taste and a darker deep purple-blue color flesh and juice. The Bilberries we use are widely grown and harvested through hand picking from the forests.


Seven reasons why you should start consuming Nordic Wild blueberries today:

1-wild blueberry03Highly nutritious but low in calories.

1-wild blueberry03Improve vision.

1-wild blueberry03Full of Antioxidants, vitamins, manganese, and fiber.

1-wild blueberry03Can improve heart and blood vessel health.

1-wild blueberry03Prevent diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity.

1-wild blueberry03Improve brain health and memory.

1-wild blueberry03Decrease cancer rate.


How we enjoy it? 

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As fruits: just like any other fruit, bilberries can be enjoyed as fresh fruits. Its sweet and sour berry taste provides a pleasant experience to your taste. Bilberries fruits have a very thin eatable peal that protects the flesh from outside environment. The fruits are small and easily damaged, therefore the fresh berries should be eaten as soon as possible after picking, or should be frozen and stored immediately after harvest.

In baking: for Nordic moms, bilberry is one important baking ingredient. Bilberry pie is one of the most famous desserts favorite to many families in Finland. It is not only tasty in flavor, but is also a healthy dessert that everybody loves.

With ice cream or yoghurt: bilberry is perfect mixed with ice cream or yoghurt. You can either use raw berries, berry jam, or bilberry juice. They’ll all add a beautiful color and touch to your favorite dessert.


Health factors

Bilberries have a fresh and pleasant taste suitable for many purposes. From the health perspective, bilberries are many times richer in beneficial components compared to cultivated blueberries. The bilberry is a fruit that contain a high amount of health improving elements, such as Flavonoids (anthocyanin), Carotenoids, dietary fiber and Vitamins.

Flavonoids of the berries have many health benefits for human. It can prevent diseases such as cancer, infections, diabetes, and neurological illnesses.

Carotenoids can be absorbed through eating natural foods such as fruits and vegetables. People that consume Carotenoids in regular bases have lower mortality from number of chronic illness.

Dietary fiber has positive effect on balancing the intestinal pH level and

*Side hint: Flavonoids commonly can be found in fruits and vegetables that have dark colors. A rule of thumb is that the darker the fruit is, the more flavonoids it contains.


More about Bilberries
  • Bilberries grow in beautiful meadows and moist coniferous forests. Growth is favored by moderate shade and relevantly cool and humid ground conditions.
  • Nordic forests provide a best natural habitat for wild berries. The environment is very pure for organic. Since there are no water or air pollution, we are sure that the natural ingredients used for juicing are grown in its best possible way.
  • Wild grown berries differ from cultivated ones, since cultivated berries are more ”man-made” and control species. They are commercial products that are grown in certain environment best for the productivity.
  • Organic vegetables and fruits are good, but what’s even better is Wild grown. We believe that nothing beats the natural habitat of a plant where it has been growing by itself for hundreds or thousands of years.