We offer you EWe use wild berries as our one and only ingredient in our products. All the berries are hand picked from the forests. Through careful cold press manufacturing process in Finland, we ensure the nutrition and taste of the berries can be kept in the highest possible level.

1-wild blueberry03Get healthier just by consuming berries?

Do you know that consuming a cup of berry product everyday will improve your eyesight and heart condition? Many of the berries are not only a tasty fruit, but also a health improving Superfood. We want you improve your health by consuming our products.

Our products come in 500ml standard packages as well as in 250ml half size packages. The 100% bilberry juices can be enjoyed in dinner tables with family and friends, or in hotels and restaurants, or take a small dosage everyday before going to sleep.

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WO additives & sugar

1-wild blueberry03Enjoy the bilberry juice in multiple ways. 

You can enjoy the bilberry juice either directly from bottle, or mix it with other drinks or water. You could mix the 100% bilberry juice with carbonated or mineral water.

For your youngsters, we recommend a recipe of 1:4 mix with water and add a tablespoon of honey.

The 100% juice suits well with baking or preparing desert. The bilberry juice will add a nice dark purple color and a berry taste to your sweets.

1-wild blueberry03Do you know that the Nordic people are healthy because…

People living in the Nordic countries consume the most wild berries per capita in the world. The healthy age of the Nordic people is also one of the longest in the world, partly because of highly developed society, but healthy food and environment is also another very important factor for that issue.

We highly recommend iloFin bilberry juice to middle-aged and elderlies, and especially to families that have young children.