1-wild blueberry03 Raw materials origins: Selecting the top berries

We use only Finnish wild grown blueberries as our ingredient. The quality of the berries selected for juicing are among the best hand picked berries in the market. Since bilberry is the one and only ingredient for our products, we want to ensure the careful selection and origins of the berries.

1-wild blueberry03Safe production: Manufactured with care

Through careful cold press manufacturing process, we ensure that the nutrition and taste of the berries can be kept in the highest possible level. The high quality glass bottles and capping solution we use are best for preserving the freshness of the juice products.

1-wild blueberry03Logistics & Supply chain: Packaged and delivered with care

Ready products both in 500ml and 250ml packages have their own uniquely designed package suitable for both short and long-distance transportation. We guarantee that products are well protected through thousands of kms travel from Finland to all over the world.

1-wild blueberry03People & Partners

Great things are achieved through good cooperation. We emphasize and support people growth, not only growth in our own team, but also growing together with our partners.

1-wild blueberry03Global delivery from Finland

We are able to arrange distributions globally from Finland, no matter whether you are in the US, China, Germany, or South Korea. For more information about global distributions, please contact us.